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Moments is an app that analyzes all the photos on your device and helps you create galleries based on certain 'moments' or events. These moments are typically characterized by a similar look or color, for example, like all the photos from the same wedding or birthday party.

One of the best things about Moments is that, since it's developed by Facebook, it takes full advantage of the power of this social network to automatically find your friends in your photos. Thanks to its facial recognition technology, it can complete this task in a matter of seconds.

Once Moments has defined your moments and has found your friends, you can share the photos. If you decide to share them, your friends (and only your friends) can download the photos and enjoy them on their own device, too.

Moments is a special social app that lets you easily share photos. The best part is that you can share them quickly and easily with the people who care most.
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For now, this app only works in the United States.